Pokémon Go Fun

The Pokémon franchise has enjoyed an explosive popularity ever since the first Pokémon game was released for GameBoy in 1996, which introduced the concept of Pocket Monsters belonging to trainers battling each other for sport. Today, the franchise caters to a global fan base that has spawned multiple video games, comic books, cartoon series, trading cards and toys.

The latest addition to the franchise is an augmented reality mobile game known as Pokémon Go. Since it’s release, the game has rapidly become the most hotly discussed topic on the internet, beating tinder user base numbers and quickly rivaling the user base of social media sites such as twitter and instagram. With videos and new articles appearing daily in social media discussing the game and it’s popularity, it is time to explore the game more closely:

System Requirements

The game can be played on iOS and android devices and is available as a free-to-download app in most western countries.

Pokémon Go Gameplay

After logging into the game, the player is required to create an avatar. A number of options are available to customize the avatar’s face, hair, color, eye color and clothes. Once the avatar is selected, it appears at the current location of the player on the game map. Other features of the map include Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms.

As the player moves through the physical world, the virtual avatar’s position also changes on the map. The player must explore real world locations that show up on the game map as places that contain Pokémon Go cheats. The Pokémon are hidden in various locations according to their natural habitats as described in their gaming manual.

Once the player is near a Pokémon, he can view it either as a live rendered background or in Augmented Reality mode. The player can also take a screenshot of the creature. In order to capture the Pokémon, a pokeball must be thrown at the Pokémon when it appears in front of the player onscreen. To make a successful capture, various factors have to be considered such as the force with which the ball is thrown, the timing and the kind of pokeball used.

Pokémon Go

Capturing a Pokémon awards the player stardust and candies. Stardust can be used to increase a Pokémon’s combat power, and candies are used to make captive Pokémon evolve and level up. More than 151 varieties of Pokémon can be captured and entered into the Pokedex, a Pokémon encyclopedia provided in the game.

Once a player has enough powerful Pokémon he can participate in gym battles and, if enough tournaments have been won, eventually take control of the gym itself. Additional Pokeballs can be purchased in-game using real world money.

Pokémon Go Plus

An extension of the game, Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable device set that uses Bluetooth technology and allows players to play the game without using a smart device. The set vibrates when near a Pokémon. The player then presses a button on the device to capture the Pokémon. Although the player cannot check what he has caught without connecting the device to a mobile first, he can use the device to store captured the Pokémon indefinitely.

Boom Beach Hack

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Boom Beach Hack

About Boom Beach Game

Based on the premise akin to its predecessor, the Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is an enthralling game that recreates scenes of battles set against an island backdrop, and involving an interplay of defensive troops and discreet treasure mines to accumulate resources and defend them from the rival army. Gamers are required to meet two objectives to succeed, fight the battle with brute force and upgrade his base of resources.

How does the Hack Tool Work?

The Hack tool is available for free download all throughout the web and employs a very safe hacking process to connect directly to the game server and load huge amounts of resources to the gamer’s account. The Boom Beach server fails to identify the hacker since the tool employs a proxy server and as such the gamer’s privacy is maintained at all conditions.

Why Use the Boom Beach Hack?

Many players, even the expert ones find it rather troublesome to make progress in a fast-paced manner in the game, which is simply because resources are scarce and they drain out of their store of gems much too quickly.

Boom Beach, unfortunately does not offer free resources or gems required by players constantly to excel, and they may have to resort to costly in-app purchases to secure the deficit gems that is needed to progress.

The Boom-Beach-Hack tool on the other hand, provides free access to unlimited gems and resources, thus making your game even more fun-filled and engaging. By using the right assortment of hacks as well as cheats, you can stock up on gold, diamonds, stone, iron, wood and much more, to beat your rivals in a jiffy!

Hay Day the Farming Game

What do you love the most about what your smartphone or tablet can do? No matter what your answer is, to many people they will love the gaming aspect of it. It does offer an intuitive platform that makes online gaming a must do task for your device. There are many games you can install in your device and among the most auspicious one is the Hay Day. What about this game to others?

If there is one amazing farming game that is also the most popular and you can never miss in people’s tablets and smartphones then its this one. The popularity of this game has made it to be number one in at at least 122 countries when it comes to farming game that is equally adventurous. Many people use a free Hay Day hack to get started.

Hay Day

What You Can do in Hay Day?

As a farming game, you are going to do a great deal of tasks that can be compared to a real farm.For example, you can create your own modern farm and later own harvest your produce.

You can further sell those harvest to your friends and neighbors too. One elegant feature about this game is that even though there is no rain, your crops will continue to flourish until you harvest. Hay Day also offers animal characters whom you can share your farm with. That makes this game more than real !

Is Hay Day Free?

Hay Day is download-able free of charge but if you want to get more attractive features you may have to purchase some special items that makes the game awesome. Password protection is necessary if you don’t want such items to be downloaded automatically.

Hay Day Features?

The game does offer several features that allows you to do many activities while playing it. You can grow what you want in your farm and also customize it the way you want. With your roadside shop, you will be free to sell your fresh produce and normally to your neighbors and friends.

In case you need to fulfill your orders to your clients, you can use your truck or steamboat. What about fishing? That is also done as you will have your own dock. The last but not the least feature of Hay Day is that you can create your own town for the visitors.

What is New in the New Version of the Game?

The new Hay Day game does come in handy with great new features. You should now be ready to celebrate its 3rd birthday. For this upcoming special event, you will be able to win a birthday gift in form of decorations for your farm.

Summer outfits for your farm animals are now back. There is also no more levels to unlock the derby and neighborhood as it used to be because now you only have 17 of them making your completion fun and easy.

It is about that time you should install Hay Day in your device to enjoy the new and improved features making the game even better than before. Build your farm and town today and enjoy farming and trading with your neighbors.

Clash of Clans for Beginners

The Clash of Clans game does not need any introduction having been released in 2012 August by Supercell, but in case you are a beginner all well here is what it entails. It is an online multiplayer game where you as the players you have to build communities and train troops.

You need to maintain and protect your clan and to do that you have to earn gold and elixir which in turn you use to build your defenses to defend you from attacks and also to upgrade your troops. I am not going to do a review of the game but I will give you the best tricks to conquer your opponent and the best ways to set up your base layouts.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Base Layouts

On your choice of a base layout you will be guided by how much money you have. The main idea is to upgrade everything, build an impenetrable wall that will keep off your enemy troops as much as possible. Natural obstacle like bushes do not have any impact on your enemy troops therefore you have to set up the defense yourself.

When your enemy has to jump over several hoops on their way, it will act to your advantage. However, when you still have limited upgrading power you have to place your walls on strategic positions. Any gap will attract the enemies attack therefore consider building other structures for example Barracks, mines or Army camps.

Try to set up Clash of Clans cheats and your walls so that the enemy is funneled to a specific direction where you can erect a barrier such as a wizard Tower which will take out a unit in a single blow. The important tactic in your defense is to keep your enemy engaged wearing them off.

Troop Strategies

For CoC troops you will have Tiers from 1 to 3, Dark Elixir and heroes. The tiers are further subdivided to other subunits for example for the Tier 1 you will have Archers, Goblins and Barbarians. All this troops units have their strengths and weaknesses and you have to identify the most suitable job that they can achieve.

You might prefer to seen barbarians to defend mortars this will make them more useful as they are not good in close range attacks on targets. They have a high health and will therefore be useful in soaking up enemy damage delaying the attackers in the process.

The Clash of Clans hack sur CoCAstuces.fr Archers are able to make attacks over erected walls. Use them on buildings which are exposed while using other troops to draw fire off them. The Goblins are the fastest ground covers of all your troops and this is where to deploy them.

Clash of Clans Hacks

Within the Clash of Clans game you have to purchase extra currencies using real money but these cheats will give you free gems. You will be able to get gold, elixir and gems for free.

Bezoek Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl voor de gratis Clash of Clans hack. The tool helps you get a secret file that will be essential in giving you access to the unlimited resources. When hacking in games you are afraid if the program will harm your pc but this tool is guaranteed malware free and will be updated on a daily basis. This is you way to free gems.

The Clash of Clans game is free and easy to understand. It is created in a way that kids can get it. With time you get involved into it and the best part is getting to play with your friend being one of the multiplayer.